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Nick Russo, 27, freelance sports and event photographer located in Boonton NJ. I also work primarily as a photo studio assistant and digital capture technician for On Figure fashion shoots and still life product, clothing andEcommerce shoots.

I began shooting and writing about hockey at Rowan University around the same time as I took photojournalism in 2012, and thus began a run of writing and shooting sports. After college, as a writer covering the Randolph NJ sports beat, I found myself becoming increasingly interested in the galleries I supplied my articles as much as the writing itself. And while I miss interviewing student athletes and wild haired coaches at midfield after a crucial loss, I made a move to photography full time. The journey has brought me all over New Jersey and I’ve enjoyed shooting the meaningless scrimmages almost as much as the Morris County Tournament. Its always good to do work that people appreciate, and desire, especially when my eye may be the best chance to immortalize the given moment.

Aside from sports, school plays, concerts, municipal functions, the odd headshot or Bar Mitzvah, I’ve dedicated much of my time to working in a studio. I’ve been lucky to work with some fantastic fashion photographers, still life photographers, a few of whom I am glad to call mentors. I’m not sure what is next for me. Studio work can be very rewarding. I feel really strongly about my on figure fashion knowledge, as I’ve been working the lights and sets on a major production for a few years. And more recently I’ve been working more closely with still life work and it is more than intriguing. I hope to continue my work in sports as well as my work in studio. And I’ve been working on filling out my gear bag and have finally achieved a decent portrait set up which I hope to explore further. Thanks for reading about me.


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