Interview with Jed Gaylin of the Bay Atlantic Symphony


This is an interview I did with Jed Gaylin. Jed is the music director of the Bay Atlantic Symphony. A fantastic local symphony here in New Jersey. they have a special relationship with Stockton college and Cumberland County college, where they often play. I was lucky enough to be allowed to shoot a dress rehearsal. Mr. Gaylin saw me enter the room and we were quickly into an interview. Luckily for me I had lost some sleep the last few nights thinking of what I would ask, and ruminating on the photos I had seen taken of him before. Luckily everything went well. Hanging around during their rehearsal was amazing. Mr. Gaylin was so forceful and demanding, he did not want to play, as he said, “generic Schubert.”

The other piece they played was Rachmaninoff’s second piano concerto. A wild piece , like affirmation through sound. It was beautiful and haunting, a favorite for me no doubt amongst what I have heard in this genre. Being alone to witness this in a massive auditorium was a once in a lifetime opportunity. And to have a personal audience with the maestro made it just that much sweeter.

I still want to add some music to the end of the video. It seems to beg for a snippet of sound.

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