Swamp Log Part II; Spring Motion

The ice is finally gone from New Jersey’s Great Swamp and the emergence of amphibians and reptiles are making things a bit more interesting. Mating season for certain species, like the red-winged blackbirds has given me a better look into animal behavior. And I expect soon to know much more about the reptiles I hope to spot. But for now I’ll take anything that scurries. Here are a few pictures from my latest walks, some not as fruitful as others. I’ve been working on cropping and getting cleaner sight lines, pushing my aperture toward 5.6, and hopefully learning about some new species. Like these, I believe, painted turtles. Its amazing how different the Swamp is when the bugs start coming out. Thanks for stopping by! Feedback welcome.

Painted Turtle7B0A01097B0A0060dd
White-Throated Sparrow
White-Throated Sparrow


White Breasted Nuthatch7B0A8273

Every night around sundown, these red-winged blackbirds go to their favorite perch, and puff out their feathers, and make themselves known to neighboring females.

Red-Winged blkackbird7B0A9710.jpg
Eastern Chipmunk7B0A8083.jpg
Massive Nest, Long Hill rd, Great Swamp

Bonus Backyard birding, I got a cheap feeder, and whenever the squirrels aren’t hogging it, its brought in some woodpeckers, as well as the usual residents, Bluejay’s and Cardinals.

House Sparrow with appropriate background


Hopefully next time I will have some frogs, toads and salamanders for you. Until then!

Swamp Log Part 1; Early Thaw





4 thoughts on “Swamp Log Part II; Spring Motion

  1. Nice assortment of birds and animals! Following your example, I’ll have to try and get up to the Great Swamp one of these days. A few years ago, I went and saw snakes and turtles.

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