A Gulp of Cormorants

In the past weeks I’ve been capturing the many species of Speedwell Lake in Morristown, New Jersey. A 500 yard dogleg right with a surprisingly full crowd of hungry birds; Double Crested Cormorants, at least 3 Great Blue Heron, a lone Great Egret, Black Capped Night Heron, and Green Heron. All of which I hope to detail here in the coming week. I’ve come to realize and read that these birds often live together, or near each other in a less than contentious neighborly relationship.

Most adept to the water amongst these few is the Double Crested Cormorant, a webbed-footed underwater killer who often comes up from the shallow waters with fish speared on their hooked beaks. I’ve spent a bit of time lately chasing them up and down the lake, trying to get between them and the sun. Here are a few of my more interesting captures.


Fish jumping7B0A54767B0A75037B0A75257B0A75327B0A75337B0A75387B0A75397B0A75407B0A75917B0A76177B0A7999


Thanks for viewing! Stay tuned for Great Egret, Great Blue Heron, Mute Swan, and Great Swamp posts.

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