Long Island’s Artificial Brain live video; Die Choking update

One of my more serious attempts at capturing live metal, using my old gear. I was right in front of the speakers where the vocals were basting out, and it makes for a nice video. I’ve recently found out that I will be co-directing and producing the new Die Choking video, which I’m really stoked for. They play the UK and France this February and then come back to philly for the new shoot. So here’s a bit of metal as I flesh out our approach to the new video (first video). This was at the Meatlocker in Montclair NJ, an amazing little hole in the ground. Hope to shoot much more there. Got to hang out with a couple guys from the Artificial Brain and my buddies in Die Choking before they went on. Making the adjacent practice space smell funny. Best way to see it, live and loud.

here is my favorite snippet via instagram. Awesome moment.

A video posted by Nick Russo (@razrezzed) on Mar 30, 2015 at 10:39pm PDT


Bonus Sunrot

3 thoughts on “Long Island’s Artificial Brain live video; Die Choking update

  1. I’m thinking you’d like the Japanese livehouse scene. Despite the Japanese reputation for syrupy J-Pop, there’s an entire underground scene devoted to hardcore, noise, doom… and just about anything else. Mostly performed in discrete underground (literally) venues, the police will pretend they don’t know about them.

      1. I mention Boris in some of my own writing here. One of my all time favorite bands, going back to first seeing them in a Tokyo live-house in ’02. Never quite managed to see Melt Banana live. Wish I’d have seen them before losing Rika Hamamoto’s bass.

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