New Journeys

Well I’ve finally begun to upgrade my gear, and I’m stoked to be shooting with the 7D MkII, paired with the 70-200 f/2.8L. Shooting birds requires some serious hustle, but I’m starting to get used to the AF tracking system, and the control layout. The results have been decent so far, for only taking it out for maybe 8 hours. I got lucky with getting to snap a few critters. Here’s a gallery of my first few shoots, and a couple old 650D shots that got me into birding. I’ve also started working pretty regularly in a photo studio, assisting on women’s and some mens fashion shoots for a clothing company. Pretty legitimate stuff, learning tons about lighting. Also hope to try my new gear out on some sports in the spring.

Pileated Woodpecker- Randolph, New Jerseyburdtwew

Coopers Hawk, Morristown, Njnew coops.JPGnewcoop.JPG

I believe a Carolina Chicadee, Great Swamp NJcarochic.JPG

A particularly colorful blue jay, possibly female, Great Swamp NJbj.JPGFemale Northern Cardinal, Great Swamp NJfemalecardinal.JPGMale Mallard, sun not cooperating, Morristown NJduckfuck.JPGI believe a Red Bellied Woodpecker, Great SwampredbelliedEastern Chipmunk, Great Swampnewchip.JPGMuskrat, Morristown NJmuskrat.JPG

Now for some old stuff. Canon t4i 55-255mm

Juvenile Coopers Hawk, I believe. IMG_4479

Osprey, West Palm BeachIMG_4784

Osprey and meal, OBX North CarolinaIMG_0233-2

Brown PelicansIMG_0254.jpgIMG_0143.jpgIMG_0239

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