Great Blue Heron; Wading and Soaring

The last of the laptop bird dumps. I took a break from paying attention between shoots at the studio to meticulously research every part of my new hypothetical desktop, birthed soon thereafter. A new file system and workflow and hard drives have come in handy for the near 3,000 pictures a week I’ve been taking of various in and outdoor fall HS sporting events. Couldn’t imagine doing that on an overheating laptop, which I promptly sat on and broke a week after building my new computer. Anyways, I’m looking forward to filling my new bird family folder system I read about in a book by Bill Coster (Creative Bird Photography). So far the computer has been brilliant.

This  Heron pic-dump was captured in the spring and summer with my 70-200L with the 1.4 and 2x converter rentals, on the 7d MKII. Taken at Speedwell and Kitchel Lakes, Morristown, New Jersey. They seem a bit more skittish than the Great Egret and the massive Mute Swan. And despite their good looks its not much of a shot as it flees from you. But I got a few lucky fly-bys and close encounters of some wading fowl. Thanks for viewing!


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