Swamplog III; Years End

2016, good riddance. In truth its been a good year personally and professionally; shooting sports, plays, and concerts, teching still life, assisting on figure shoots and shooting myriad wildlife. I’ve been lucky to be getting steady work in studio with good people, shooting for catalog, as well as the occasional location shoot, Paterson NJ, Woodstock NY, and in early 2017 a nice Florida trip. I’ve cobbled together some year end shots so I can clear them out of my head as I prepare for the annual new Year weirdness. Thanks for viewing! 


7b0a1643 7b0a1765 7b0a1677 7b0a3918 7b0a39017b0a7117 7b0a2288

Tree Sparrow, as far as I know

Yellow Warbler juvenile
7b0a2958Yellow Warblers. Great Swamp, NJ
Tufted Titmouse
7b0a2301Female Red Winged Blackbird
Female Red Winged Blackbird
7b0a1865Northern Flicker7b0a1908Northern Flicker, Great Swamp
Canadian Goose
7b0a5992Green Heron, Speedwell Lake. Morristown7b0a9257-2Mute Swan7b0a9455Female Downy Woodpecker, Burnham Park, Morristown7b0a0240Killdeer, while shooting soccer at Lakeland Regional HS
Green Heron. Great Swamp
Norvin Green State Park

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