Solitary Bufflehead

The last of my winter holdouts. I was lucky enough to see a pair of Bufflehead at Sandy Hook, but much too far away to get a sense of the bird. Shortly there after I finished 2 sports shots early on a Saturday near West Milford NJ. After leaving I passed a small pond near a trailhead and spotted a lone Bufflehead Drake. I took a conservative route to the water edge and got dirty, waiting for it and the sun to cooperate, which they both more or less did at some point. 

A few high quality shots will always get me reading about my new subject. Bufflehead live in tree cavities, most notably, former Northern Flicker holes, undoubtedly aided by being the smallest of the diving ducks. Also interestingly enough, Bufflehead fossils from 500,000 years ago have been identified. Anyways, here are the spoils. Thanks for viewing!



Sandy hook Pair in winter

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