Redhead seeking +1

I had once previously, fleetingly, seen a pair of Redheaded Woodpeckers playfully chasing each other through the thick woods of Norvin Green State Park. It took a year or so but I finally got a chance to shoot one, repeatedly. 7 some-odd times in a row I watched this beautiful bird and its shrill call, as it hunted in midair for insects and returned to a cavity from the canopy with grubs and the like. I was even more excited to hear from a local photographer that it was rare the bird came this far north to north, although I realize now I’d seen a pair even farther north.
Anyways, the light where I was at the Tourne, in Boonton/Denville NJ is high contrast, due to where I can and cannot stand. So capturing it well lit has been a challenge, but I think I’ve gotten some interesting shots. Enjoy! Thanks for viewing. Shot with a 7dMkII and Sigma 150-600C.



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